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Flat World Global Solutions is so proud to announce
The Child Center, Inc  as our chosen charity for
2021 Delivering Wishes. 


I am truly blessed to be members of this wonderful group people – the Flat World Holdings team – who embrace that concept of a culture of Excellence. Yes excellence for our clients, and certainly excellence to each other, but just as important being excellent in the community.


Through this and other charitable efforts, our team is willing to intentionally come together and invest substantial energy, time, resources, and money to help those who need it, and to do it in an impactful way. 


So thank you to everyone who contributed, those who did it directly with the organization of the different events, the solicitation of donations, the contribution of time and energy to make it so successful, the sharing of the events and opportunities with friends and family, the participation in the various fundraising efforts, and definitely all who contributed monetarily in person or from afar.


On behalf of the rest of the team at Flat World, THANK YOU!  Your daily examples of excellence truly lead the way for out whole team, and as someone said last night, keep insuring we set the bar higher each year with our excellence!

Brian Wenck



See how you can help us Deliver Wishes!
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 Sponsorships Available For Our
First Annual
Golf Tournament! 

Benefiting the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis
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2018 Sponsored Charity

Mighty Oakes was an amazing charity we were

honored to benefit. 

Their vision: 

Our vision is families facing congenital heart defects have the freedom to be a family and have hope amidst the chaos. Our aim is not only to relieve financial burden – enabling them to be in the moment with their young warrior – but to listen, share, uplift and strengthen them as they march on.

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